Released May 2021


Written & Directed by Aimée-Lee X. Curran

Director of Photography: Miller Best


Producer: Aimée-Lee X. Curran


First AC: James Campbell


Underwater Operator: James Campbell  


Tracking Vehicle by Scorpio Ops 


Scorpio Arm Operator: Beau Sevastos 


Scorpio Driver: Ethan Sydenham 


Scorpio Tech: Toby Wilkinson 

Old Blue Dress: Lisa Teh 


Hair & Make Up: Allira McOmish


Production Assistants:  Jayme Miller & Indy Woodward 


Traffic Control: Stop n Slow Traffic Control


Stills: Jes Alexander, Brad Schmidt 


Storyboard Artist: Benjamin Garvey

Editor: Grace O’Connell 

Colourist: Greg Elvis Constantaras


Casting: Chicken & Chips Casting 


Casting Directors: Alison Fowler & Stephanie Pringle 




William Oakley 



Braith James Plecas, Bobby Kinney, Olivia Jacobson,

and Holly Oakley as mum. 



Very Special Thanks To 


Jack Saltmiras, Holly Oakland, Scorpio Ops, The Editors,

Tracey Needham, Wollongong City Council, Jes Alexander,

Eliza Hull, Rachael Humphries, Tim Baker, Ruben Neeson,

Kristy Sommers & Family, Tim Kelly at Narellan Pools, Noah Guy, Zoe Jacobson, Mel Plecas, Gina Faulkner, Samantha Simpson,

Melanie Reardon, Blackbird Cafe Thirroul, Benjamin Hargrave,

Allan Smith, Shannon & Tony at Stop n Slow Traffic Control,

Bianca Benjamin, Alex Crowe, Stephen ‘Chips’ McGuire,

Joan & Bill, the residents of Beacon Avenue,

Harrison James Lee, and Moogle. 


For all the mum’s and mother figures out there.